Welcome To The Global Street Fight™ Conference Highlights and Study

Gibbs & Soell is proud to present the 2014 edition of its thought-leadership program series, “Welcome to the Global Street Fight™: Are Your Ideas Disruptive Enough to Win in this Economy?”, featuring our guest speakers in New York:

  • Mark Howard, chief revenue officer, Forbes Media
  • Jimmy Soni, managing editor, The Huffington Post
  • Evan Shapiro, president, Pivot
  • Robert Fronk, senior vice president, reputation management and public affairs, Nielsen

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Our program remains focused on hyper-competion in the global marketplace and its impact on C-suites, communicators and the media they engage. This year, we examine the intense competition in the news industry and the results of bold reinventions and fresh ideas among three media brands: Forbes, The Huffington Post and Pivot. In addition, Nielsen (formerly Harris Interactive) returns with results from the second annual Global Street Fight Study, which explores the intersection of boldness, innovation and trust among today’s corporate leaders.

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Video Highlights


Luke Lambert, president and CEO, Gibbs & Soell, delivers opening remarks at the 2014 Global Street Fight breakfast conference.

Keynote Panel - Huffington Post and Forbes Media

Luke Lambert, president and CEO of Gibbs & Soell, moderates the keynote panel discussion on digital journalism and content marketing with Jimmy Soni, managing editor of The Huffington Post, and Mark Howard, chief revenue officer of Forbes Media.

Featured Session - Pivot 

Ron Loch, SVP and managing director, sustainability consulting practice, Gibbs & Soell, interviews Evan Shapiro, president of Pivot, a new breed of television that offers commercially and socially relevant entertainment for Generation Y.

Featured Session - Global Street Fight Study with Nielsen

Steve Halsey, SVP and managing director, business consulting practice, Gibbs & Soell, and Robert Fronk, SVP reputation management and public affairs, Nielsen, discuss the results of the second annual Global Street Fight Study, which shows that American corporate leadership is at a crossroads.

Global Street Fight™ Study

Gibbs & Soell and Harris Poll, now part of Nielsen, a leading global information and measurement company, teamed up to explore consumer perceptions of CEOs in this current environment. The 2014 Global Street Fight™ Study is the second edition of research that was co-developed by Steve Halsey, senior vice president and managing director, business consulting, Gibbs & Soell, and Robert Fronk, senior vice president, reputation management and public affairs, Nielsen. The study looks at the intersection of boldness, innovation and trust as it relates to the C-suite and the implications of what appears to be American corporate leadership at a crossroads of choosing the best path to restore public confidence and strengthen their own reputations.

For more information about the Global Street Fight™ program, speakers or study, please contact Mary C. Buhay at Gibbs & Soell (212) 697-2600 or mbuhay@gibbs-soell.com.

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